The 2021 annual meeting is RED LIGHT for April 7th @ 6:30 PM - Appologies but we have ran into another issue for this meeting and want to be sure we have things setup right.

Targeting May 5th - Infomation will continue here and in the newsletter.

2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 annual meeting will be held on April 7th at 6:30pm. Although held later than it is typically held in February, we will have both the option to join remotely and at the Metrum Credit meeting room. As we continue to follow guidance for social distancing, Metrum will allow only 12 people to attend in person. They also stipulate that should guidance change, they may need to restrict further.

With this uncertainty and low capacity, we needed to procure a remote stream service that could accommodate 200+ simultaneous connections. We have the streaming solution in place but we will not have the ability to openly receive questions remotely. Since we absolutely want to hear & respond as best as we can, along with the annual survey, please post your questions here. We will keep all questions visible so residents will not have to duplicate the question. Residents will have the option to vote questions up or down or add another where not already asked.

Annual Meeting Information:

  1. If you would like to register for attending in person at Metrum Credit, email There are 7 seats available so an email will be returned confirming your seat with location details, or will inform that there are no seats left. If there are no seats available, please join online.

  2. Fill out the 2020 annual survey

  3. Review, vote, and add questions for the board here.

  4. On the 7th before 6:30pm go to (this page) and be sure everything is a green light. You may connect with any device (mobile or computer) by clicking the link to join at 6:20pm when the meeting will be open for joining unless otherwise indicated.

  5. The meeting will be recorded and posted on the h460 website, but please note sometimes there are issues on the recording side so streaming live is a safer bet.


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