11-4-21 Minutes

Highlands 460 Civic Association

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting


Attendees in person: Andrea & Len West, Heather Kimball, Jen Carroll, Alison Meininger, Jean McHarge, Jenn Wright, Tyler Paeplow

Attendees online: Michelle Holbrook, Sandra Gwinn, John Mudd, Jim Weidman, JP Aragon, Cherise Marczkyk, Rich Wise, others that were not able to be captured.

I. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Treasurer Tyler Paeplow

II. The agenda was approved after the addition of the executive offices which are currently vacant.

III. Approval of the minutes of the 10/28/21 Board meeting was postponed until the next board meeting.

IV. Reports

A. President – position is vacant, no report

B. Vice President – position is vacant, no report

C. Secretary – position is vacant, no report

D. Treasurer – Tyler Paeplow has finalized reports going back several years including monthly expenditures and balance sheets. These will be posted on the H460 website. Tyler is continuing to work with former president JP Aragon on finalizing what is owed to the H460 Civic Association and categorizing expenditures. JP has given a check for $10,000 to cover personal expenditures mistakenly charged on the H460 account. The current amount owed is approximately $7500 but there are more items to be examined and categorized.

Going forward Tyler would like to move the account from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks online to better facilitate access and transfer the account when a new treasurer is elected.

The financials presented are current as of Oct. 31, 2021. Some things noted in the financial report were as follows:

The number of homes paying dues declined in 2020 and 2021 possibly due to the lack of events.

Questions were raised about the Customer Relations Software which was a change from Mission Suite which was used previously to a Google suite type system which can track who pays what and when enabling the association to better track who has paid dues.

Questions were also raised about the purchase of hardware—JP stated that cameras, speaker pods, projection screens, and chromebook were purchased for events. The reason for this purchase was questioned by residents and the question of whether this was discussed with the board was raised. Expenses were not recorded in the minutes. JP states these items are in the storage unit. Tyler and JP to work on getting receipts for these purchases.

The current balance in the CD’s is $33,561 and in liquid assets is $32,672.

E. Director of Culture – Jean McHarge reported that her idea for culture was the formation of small groups to facilitate relationships in the neighborhood. Covid has pretty much put this on the back burner for now. Block parties have been ongoing and small groups may go forward in the future.

F. Director of Communications – Alison Meininger reported that due to low turnout, food trucks will not be at Araphoe Park until spring or summer or possibly for special events.

Items for the newsletter must be received by the 14th of the month. Email these to Alison at communication@h460.org

V. Old Business

Follow up to Oct. 28 meeting -most of these items were covered in the financial report.

Contracts for services reconciliation – Tyler is looking into what contracts have been signed and what services we should be receiving.

VI. New Business

A. Board nominations – send nominations to board@h460.org. Homeowners who have paid dues and have no covenant violations are eligible to serve on the board. Board members will be elected at the Annual Meeting on Dec. 15. The new board will elect officers at their first meeting. We will develop a general description of each position and post on website and in the newsletter.

B. Contract negotiations – Tyler covered in old business.

C. General Counsel – Tyler spoke with the firm that was used previously by the association. The retainer fee is $2300 per year. Counsel will be available to discuss issues, help with bylaw updates, and periodic reports to the State of Colorado. They will attend the annual meeting. Motion was made by Jean McHarge to engage counsel for the association. Alison Meininger seconded. Motion passed.

D. Insurance – Directors and Officers insurance has lapsed. Tyler filed application with State Farm and disclosed recent events. The cost is $2300 per year and should be in place by the Dec. 15 meeting. Motion made by Alison Meininger to purchase insurance, seconded by Jean McHarge. Motion passed.

E. Post Office Box – The post office box is permanently closed so a new PO box will need to be set up. Alison made a motion to set up a new PO box, Jean seconded and the motion was passed. Tyler will try to get the box set up by Monday.

F. Storage unit – Tyler and Alison will go this week end and inventory and move everything out of the storage unit and temporarily place it in Tyler’s shed and Alison’s garage until a permanent solution can be decided on.

G. State filings -Information was covered under the general counsel topic except for tax returns. Tyler will investigate whether tax returns have ever been filed for the association and steps going forward.

H. Software access – Tyler has worked with JP to transfer the admin duties of the website and the email accounts

VII. Comments and Announcements

Annual Meeting to be held Dec. 15, 2021 at Metrum Credit Union

Next board meeting will be Dec. 2, 2021 to discuss nominations for the board of directors.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm

Respectfully submitted:

Jean McHarge