Bylaws & Articles

Bylaws & Articles Update

Neighbors - Here is a list of documents to review for the vote on the proposed changes:


Why are amendments needed?

In December of 2021, as part of their work with the Highlands H460 Board, our Attorney, Altitude Law,

provides an annual review of Highlands 460 legal status. During that discussion, we learned that our

guiding documents, particularly the Articles of Incorporation, and the Amended and Restated Bylaws,

were out of compliance with Colorado law. Our attorney indicated that these documents generally need

updates approximately every 15 years to remain compliant with state statutes, and we were behind on

required updates. As a result of that discussion, the current board began the process of review and

update to these two documents.

Correction and updates to these documents are now complete, and are available to the Highlands 460

homeowner community for review and approval. These documents are presented in full for your review.

We know the changes to these documents are numerous, so as a means of providing additional insight, we have developed the information below as a summary to those changes.

Your vote of approval is needed to ensure our community governance remains within the statutory and

legal framework for Colorado Civic Associations such as ours. If you have any questions regarding these

documents during your review, please contact the H460 Board at

Above you can see our current Bylaws and amendments which are being revised. Below you will see the proposed new Bylaws and restated articles of incorporation. The Civic Association will be voting on these in November, and we ask that members review them prior to the vote. More will be posted on the vote during October.