Covenants Review

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Last year residents of H460 voted to approve updates to the H460 Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to ensure the Civic Association follows Colorado laws governing non- profit corporations. The next step of this process involves reviewing and updating our neighborhood covenants, which is the remaining document governing our neighborhood. Amendments to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions were last filed in the spring of 2008. As the Covenant Review Committee has addressed requests and complaints, it has become apparent the covenants are in need of some changes in order to meet the needs of a modern community. The H460 board has defined the following guiding principles to share our intent and goals with the H460 community regarding the covenant review process currently underway.

• We will draft easy to understand covenants that benefit the community based on feedback gathered from various community outreach efforts and in alignment with current city and county code.

• We will not introduce the ability to charge fines for covenant violations or change the 2/3 voting criteria to modify covenants.

• We will establish governance, oversight, and standard operating procedures for the Covenant Review Committee with the goal of providing consistent and transparent treatment to all H460 neighbors for approvals, denials, and violations.

• We will be fiscally responsible when engaging legal counsel.

• We will provide transparent and relevant updates on covenant review progress at each H460 board meeting.

If you would like to get involved and assist in the early stages of drafting edits and additions to the H460 covenants, please send an email to Our goal is to ensure we have representation and engagement from each zone of the neighborhood as much as possible before we send an updated covenants document to be voted on by the H460 community late 2023 or early 2024. Timing for requesting a vote will depend on how much engagement we have from the H460 community in these discussions. We will have a tent with a H460 board member available at each of the food truck nights, 4th of July event, and the H460 picnic, and we will be hosting events by zone to bring neighbors together to meet and discuss covenant updates.

We want to hear from you, please take a moment to take a short survey regarding H460 covenant updates.

Take the H460 Covenants Review Survey