Why the new payment schedule?

We've seen a trend where homeowners will pay their dues right before the particular event they are interested in. In order for the board to set budget, it helps if we know what the budget is at the beginning of the year for the events ahead.

Processing checks is not only deemed insecure by today's standards, it requires a significant effort to process. The H460 CA has incentivised paying online by removing the online transaction fee (we are still charged that internally) and raising the dues by$5 for checks to pay a service to process the checks so our volunteers can focus on planning. If there are any questions or concerns send feedback to treasurer.

Pay Online

Paying online is preferred as it saves all of our volunteers a lot of time not having to process checks. For those who payed last year, you will notice we have waived the fee for the online transactions.

2021 Payment Schedule


Jan 1st - March 31st: $40

April 1st - Dec 31st: $50


Jan 1st - March 31st: $45

April 1st - Dec 31st: $55

Pay by check

You may pay by check for an additional $5 (please see payment schedule above)

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